God of War Android keeps previous flaps his very direct style in the fights. Do not be afraid of blood or some more or less clean heads. The game is nevertheless more varied and pleasant than previous editions in this category. The magic ax that you throw and call like Thor in Marvel movies does a lot. God of War is no more than a body-to-body game, it's also a lot of ranged combat, if you want it.

There are always those hundreds of undead, black elves and werewolves to blow their heads in the most brutal way by flaming or crushing their heads against the ground. Bosses (which will not reveal anything) are also daunting challenges. The fighting requires a great concentration in the management of Kratos' super-powers, the elements of the weapons, the management of Atreus, the gauges of life, rage, amulet, etc.

Without becoming as demanding as the titles of From Software (Dark Souls, Bloodborne) certain passages will give you cold sweats and desires of destruction of your controller, especially in the most difficult modes of difficulties. Battles against the Valkyries (an optional quest) will probably remain etched in your memory. But what satisfaction to succeed in tearing their wings (after the 15th attempt)!

God of War - Create a Sequence Game | April 20 | Excluded PS4 God of War unfolds like a long shot. No interruption. As long as you never use teleportation doors, you will never see a black screen during the thirty hours of play awaiting you. The game is not an open world even if it gives you the opportunity to do side quests in the order you want.

The scenario is present, it will guide you and that's good because it is as pleasant to follow as Uncharted or The Witcher, references in the category (God of War APK is not superior to the brilliant The Last of Us , but he clearly plays in the same category). We begin to slow down our progress when we feel the end arrive (and we feel it appear several times since the scenario is not stingy with surprises).

Everything is great until the end which should keep a lot of players sitting at the bottom of their sofa for a few moments once the title is over. You'll understand, God of War is clearly the best game of the saga and probably the best game on the market since Zelda: Breath of the Wild (the power of the PS4 graphics and more to make it a particularly sumptuous game). Does he deserve the compliments he receives from the world press? Yes, a thousand times yes.



God of War is first of all one of the most beautiful games of the moment. Fluid, realistic, colorful ... Stroll through the enchanting scenery of the game is a pleasure of every moment. Every cave, every fresco, every tree, every weapon decoration is a treat for the eyes. We begin to turn the camera to observe this or that landscape, this or that detail of the ground in a lost sanctuary. God of War really gives the impression of walking in Scandinavian tales and legends with a very realistic structure, but with a magic twist that brings a charm to the places.

The world and the sets are also particularly varied. Northern cosmogony requires, you have nine lands to explore. First Midgar, our world which is built around a lake. Helheim, the land of the dead and the cold, the furnace Muspelheim, but also Asgard the world of the gods, without forgetting the kingdoms of the dwarves, elves or giants ... Some are vast and others successions of arenas, but all have their own identity. And all are quite remarkable in terms of design.

The music, discreet and cinematographic, is also a pleasure. No theme will remain in your mind once the controller has left your hands, but the sound effects and the soundtrack (sweet, disturbing or epic depending on the scenes) remain beautiful achievements. Sound flatters the adventure without taking precedence over it.

On the other hand, the voices are close to perfection. All exchanges are dubbed in French and the actors have struggled to give the right interpretations to the characters. Atreus, young, intrepid, anxious or angry, gives the change to the deep and imperious voice of Kratos. Mimir or the witch recounts with intelligence the myths (real or adapted for the game) of the Nordic pantheon. There is almost no dead time in the exchanges between the protagonists. Every walk on top of an assembly or in a boat on Lac des Neuf is an opportunity to discover more about the world. The texts are also very fine, able to touch or to make laugh. A rarity in video games.

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